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Fundraising Program


We are excited to offer you our flagship product VIOLA'S GRANOLA in 4 oz. Snack Packs, both regular and gluten free, at a special rate perfect for your school or youth focused organization.

These snack packs are just right for camping trips, little league teams, or just as a breakfast on-the-go. Serve them over ice cream, yogurt, or your fresh fruit salad when you want a little extra treat.

You can even add your favorite milk directly to the bag! 

Along with supporting the good work of our community, 10% of all sales goes to support women and children in the Holy Land through Select International!  On behalf of all - THANK YOU FOR PARTNERING WITH US!



Suggested retail price is $4.50 per 4 oz. bag.  Your profit on each bag is $1.80.  Anything above that is also yours to keep. We will split the shipping cost 50/50.  If the shipping is $50, we will pay $25, and you will be charged $25.

Payment is due 30 days from date of shipment.



Cost of  4 oz. bags of granola = $2.70 each

200 bags =  $540   and your PROFIT would be $360 (Minimum Purchase)

300 bags =  $810   and your PROFIT would be $540

400 bags =  $1080  and your PROFIT would be $720

500 bags =  $1350  and your PROFIT would be $900            



If you order 250 4 oz. snack packs, your cost is $675

   Shipping  (if total is $50) your cost is      $ 25

   Total cost                                    $700


Your Profit on 250 bags sold @ $4.50 each would be $425

Your Profit on 250 bags sold @ $5.00 each would be $550


To take advantage of our Fundraising Program, please call us directly TOLL FREE

877-504-9865 (Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm Central Time)

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