Welcome to The Little Portion Bakery

The Little Portion Bakery is owned and operated by The Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage in Berryville, Arkansas.

The Brothers and Sisters of Charity
is a Public Association of the Faithful founded by John Michael Talbot in 1980.

We are a Catholic-based community of celibate brothers, celibate sisters, singles who can marry, and families, called as a monastic and domestic spiritual family into deep love relationships with and in Jesus Christ. We share common work and recreation areas while retaining appropriate separate cloistered areas for each expression. Our primary founder is Jesus, our primary rule is Scripture, and love is our primary law.

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Bakery Founder - Viola TalbotThe Little Portion Bakery was founded in 2013 by John Michael's wife, Viola Talbot. Our products are some of the healthiest and tastiest that have come from any monastic bakery in this country! We believe that this bakery leads us to Jesus, the Bread of Life through an integration of holy simplicity and godly quality. It is truly Good News!


Enjoy some recent pictures our our community at work!


 Picture courtesy of David Bell, Carrroll County News, AR


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